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The largest investment most people make in their lifetime is their house. A house, besides being a place of refuge from the outside world, has proven to be an excellent long-term investment. But, it’s important to be knowledgeable so that you make a wise decision. Buying real estate is a complex process and it’s important to seek professional advice throughout the process even if you’re a seasoned professional.  Below are key people you should include in your real estate search:

  • An agent provides property listings that fit your parameters saving you time and gas money. They know what properties are available but not yet listed as well as who is motivated to sell. They have in depth information about the neighborhood and community and are often privy to inside information like highways being built which can affect the sale or re-sale price.
  • A mortgage broker or banker is essential to understanding how much          house you can afford before the search is started. It’s also important to get pre-approved for a mortgage because most sellers won’t consider offers from prospective buyers without it. Also, the purchase price cannot be more than what the property is appraised for.
  • A home inspector is crucial to knowing the real condition of the property and not just the things you can see. The inspector will inspect all aspects of the house including the electrical, heating and plumbing systems, structure, safety features, landscaping and other issues that you should know about. Most states allow buyers to void the contract of sale if significant repairs are required.
  • A lawyer can make sense of the sales contract and closing documents for you so that you understand everything about the transaction before closing. It’s his/her job to protect your rights and interests in the deal.
  • A home insurance agent will insure that you get adequate coverage and can advise you of any potential hazards (like flooding) that may exist requiring special or additional coverage. You must have home insurance coverage to buy a house.

Borrow Money has everything you need to find that perfect house or property, finance it, and protect it. We give you the resources to make your real estate experience great.