Now is a great time to re-finance your mortgage and get into a low, fixed rate. Take advantage of historically low rates.

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Benefits of Refinancing a Home Loan

Consider the many benefits of re-financing:

  • A fixed interest rate that keeps payments stable throughout the loan.
  • A lower interest rate saves thousands over the term of the loan.
  • Changing the term to pay off the mortgage sooner.
  • Getting cash out to pay expenses, buy a car, travel, or invest.
  • Consolidate debt to lower monthly costs and save money on interest.

When you re-finance, you restructure your mortgage and enter into a new agreement with changed terms usually involving the length of the loan and the interest rate charged. You can re-finance any type of mortgage including investment property. The re-finance can include getting cash out subject to available equity built up in your house. makes it easy to compare offers from multiple local lenders in easy to understand language. They have many products that will let you achieve your financial objective whatever your financial situation. The forms are quick to fill out and you'll get immediate offers. Most loans close in under 30 days. Why wait?