Used Or New Car


Are you looking to buy a used or new car? If so this article may help you make a more informed decision before you buy something that will become your nightmare! Cars are like people to some extent, just as there are many personalities in people cars; also display what might be considered a personality. Some cars are hard to start when the weather goes to extremes, just as some people perform worst when it's hot, cold, rainy, etc. Some cars seem to always have problems, I'm sure you probably know someone like that, the person who always has a problem, the drama king or queen!

If a used car is what you're looking for, then check out used cars for sale by owner ads. Many times this will be the first or second person to own the car and can tell you much more about it than a dealership can. A dealer can do an inspection and tell you what is wrong if it is something they check, but they can't tell you about the cars personality! Used cars for sale by owner many times are a much better deal as far as the cost as well since they don't have the overhead of a business. You can usually find used cars for sale by owner in your local paper, thrifty news papers, in driveways, going down the street or many places on the internet. When you are talking to the owner pay attention to what and how they say things, if it appears there trying to hide something you may want to find another car or at least do very thorough inspections before you make a decision! Look for things like new paint, carpet, engine looks like it was just washed, other things that may catch your eye as being odd, it could be covering something up.

New cars are a lot different than used because they are new! No one knows what personality they will have or if it was put together properly. The biggest thing here is finding a salesperson that will be honest and take care of you even after they have your money! The last new car I bought we drove 200 miles to a dealership that would try to work with us on the vehicle we wanted color, etc. and get the price close to what we wanted to pay, our local dealer lied to us and acting like they didn't want the business. For me if I catch the salesperson lying to me the deal is off, I will go somewhere else.

A used car can be bought cheaper than a new one, but it could cost more in the long run, if you do not check everything out to make sure it is a good car. A new car depreciates several thousand dollars as soon as you drive it of the lot but you have a car that should be trouble free for several years. I have had used cars that have also given me years of dependable service. You may want to consider the difference between taxes, registration, and insurance; a new car will cost more for all three. To me it makes sense to keep the cars I have because there paid for the registration and insurance is cheap and there dependable. Think about the increase in all these bills verses a little maintenance on your current car does it make sense to buy another car? If your car is dependable other than something that just went wrong, maybe you should consider having it fixed and keep driving it. I would suggest take what you would spend for a monthly car payment put it in the bank and save it until you have cash for another car, and then look for used cars for sale by owner and repeat the process.