Some Tips for Buying a Quality Used Car and Not a Lemon


When it comes time to trade in your old, once-reliable car, you want to be able to afford a new one.Given the current economy, it may not be possible for everyone to get their brand-new dream car right off the lot. However, you may have an easier time finding something more affordable by searching for a pre-owned car online.

When searching for a used car online, there are ways to find great deals on a used car without having to settle for a clunker. The important thing to know is where to look.

That said, if you're looking for a solid used car to buy, keep the following in mind:

1) Make sure the car you're interested in buying has been inspected, and that you have the paperwork to prove it. This is especially important if you are searching online instead of going to a dealership. When you shop at a dealership, it’s easy to get the history of a vehicle — all you have to do is ask. Buying a car online, or directly from the owner, is a different story. Don't sign anything until you know the complete history of the car.

2) Look for a warranty. Finding a used car that comes with a warranty is possible if you look hard enough. As you shop, ask the seller about available warranties, otherwise, you might be stuck with an “as-is” vehicle that could cost you thousands in repairs.

3) Research the model you want to buy. If you are looking at a particular make, model, and year, do some research to see if other car owners have reported any problems, or if the manufacturer has issued any recalls for that particular car. Also check the Blue Book values while you shop to confirm you are getting a fair deal.

4) Once you are satisfied that the car you want is in good condition, it's up to you to negotiate a fair price and method of payment. If you are able to finance through a used car dealership or a bank, research both options and any other possibilities available so that you can be positive you are getting the best deal.

Buying a used car, whether directly through the owner, or via a reputable dealership, doesn't have to be a headache. The more you know about the vehicle you plan to buy, the easier it will be to drive home and enjoy your new ride. If you are looking for an auto loan quote from a local bank or lender, BorrowMoney has got your back! We can connect you to a number of banks and lenders who will help you find the perfect auto loan for your needs. Contact us today!