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Reach NEW audience of people actively looking for your PRODUCT or SERVICES! Our members rely on us to help them get the best rates from our network of providers. Your ads can be targeted as specific as you would like them to be. You can specify by zip code(s), cities, states or Nationwide. Whatever you feel best suits your needs. And the best part, WE GUARANTEE that all OUR packages are priced lower than any of our competitors. (See Rates below).

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Acceptable Formats: 3 Easy Ways.  Refund Cancellation Policy

We accept format in swf, jpeg and gif formats.

 Inline Rectangle Ad 300w x 250h pixels 

 Half-Page Ad 300w x 600h pixels

 Leaderboard Ad 728w X 90h pixels

 Mobile Ad 320w X 100h pixels

If you already have a banner designed in this format it is very easy to upload when you register by clicking Advertise with us.

If you don't have an ad in the pre-defined format please register and try our easy HTML ad builder which can be customized with your text and color as well as your choice of background colors.

To have a professionally customized banners created for you. Please contact us at
TOLL FREE (1-800)-OKBM914 OR 1-212-265-2525 and ask for our creative services department. Our reasonable rates and talented professional staff make this an excellent option if you want your ad to be unique.

Advertising Rates/ Pay-Per-Click

Our advertising rates are based on pay-per-click.
You only get charged when a prospective customer visit your site and ad is clicked.

industries rates

Our Rates Are The Lowest Price In The Industries

Advertising from 200 to 4999 clicks is $0.24 per click.

We have created seperate packages to fit your budget and needs. Monthly Packages vary from Pay-As-You-Go, Pay-Per-Use, Flat Rate or Termed contracts which can help you save considerably more. It's easy to Sign up now!

Our advertising rates are based on pay-per-click, ad display , or flat rate

pay-per-click. and ad display we only charge when a prospective customer visit site and ad is displayed or clicked. on the viewing page

Advertising  charge per Ad exposures is a minimum of 10,000  at  $00.2 per exposure

We have separate packages to fit budget and needs. Packages vary from Pay-As-You-Go, Pay-Per-Use, Flat Rate or Termed contracts

flat rate monthly charges are based on size of ad banners,  Tier and page position

About ad position and Ad Rank

Ad position is the order in which your ad shows up on a page. For example, an ad position of "1" means that your ad is the first ad on a page. In general, it's good to have your ad appear higher on a page because it's likely that more customers will see your ad.

tier 5 $100, dollars

tier 4 $200, dollars

tier 3 $500, dollars

tier 2 $750, dollars

tier 1 $1,500 dollars

Borrowmoney offers ad design to costumers

Design cost

$25 dollars for Inline Rectangle Ad 300 w x 250 h pixels 

$35 Half-Page Ad 300w x 600h pixels

$50 dollars Leaderboard Ad 728 w X 90 h pixels

$50 dollars for Mobile Ad 320 w X 100 h pixels

Please Call 212-265-2525 For Design Services


Refund Cancellation Policy