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BorrowMoney is the nation’s premier online marketplace, empowering people to be fully conscious before making a financial decision. BorrowMoney connects people with a variety of lenders providing a broad range of financial services including business loan, personal loan, auto loan, home mortgage, home equity, property loan, health insurance, adverting, real estate listings, and more:

BorrowMoney also offers a variety of informational resources and tools for borrowers to help manage their finances and have an informed experience. 


At our mission is to provide absolute clarity to individuals who are beginning their financial journey. Our goal is to provide unquestionable information when it comes to comparing loan options. We believe our information and due diligence will help our customers make a clear-cut decision when faced with financial hardships. Navigating the loan process can be extremely complicated and time-consuming when you have so many lenders to choose from. is the starting point for your newfound financial literacy. We help to compare a plethora of Lending institutions and financial information, which break down the importance of borrowing, as well as understanding your best options. We aim to provide financial information with pinpoint accuracy on topics such as Loans, Credit Cards, Banking, Investing, Insurance, and so much more. will not only assist you in comparing the best deals from lenders but most importantly, help you choose the right deal that fits your situation.

What can BorrowMoney do for me?

We are a multifaceted fintech company providing a broad range of financial services including health, insurance, advertising, real estate, home mortgage, home equity, personal loan, business loan, property loan, auto loan, and more. Our portal will guide you to be better informed, make conscious financial decisions, and save your personal and business capital. We will match you with local lenders and online nationwide lending partners that you can trust will meet your needs and financial goals. If you need any type of loan you can apply on our secure website, fill out a simple, fast, safe, and secure form. You will get an immediate response (up to three competitive offers) from our competing local lenders or nationwide lending partners. We provide you with our nationwide free online real-estate sale and rental listings search on our website, free search, and find a verified licensed realtor, sales agents, brokers, lending institutions, and mortgage broker, including ratings and profile. Our proprietary technology provides a real solution for college students to secure a loan with a prompt response. 

Top 3 Reasons to Shop Locally for Your Mortgage

Finding the perfect home is only the first of many steps in your journey to being a homeowner. After deciding you've found the right one, you still have to find the right home loan to pay for it.

Shopping for a mortgage exposes you to everything from online to local lenders, each with its own perks and features. However, local banks offer benefits that online lenders can't—without sacrificing your time or convenience. 

1. Familiarity

As part of your community, local banks know where you're coming from. You're more than a customer. You're a fellow sports fan, grocery-store-goer, and neighbor. 

Getting your mortgage locally results in a customized process that truly fits your unique needs. You work face-to-face with bankers who take your home search personally, asking questions to find the mortgage that fits, and then going the extra mile to make it happen.

With online lenders, it's easy for your application to get lost amongst all the others. Online websites surface in response to homebuyers' search for convenience, but at the cost of personalization. Getting a mortgage online, therefore, makes you part of a standardized procedure, rather than a customized process.

2. Faster Process

When you've finally found the perfect home, there's no time to lose in purchasing. The local decision-making that occurs in most community banks keep loan approval processes moving more quickly.

Smaller banks cultivate a deeper understanding of their community and regional economy, learning the financial landscape and how best to navigate it—in any situation. Since they already know you, they can make personalized recommendations in less time than online lenders.

Local bankers can also keep you informed as your loan moves through the approval process. With fewer applications to sort through than online lenders, your banker can personally track your loan’s progress, let you know of any holdups, and partner with you—in person or over the phone—to be as efficient as possible.

3. Flexibility

All financial procedures come with guidelines and criteria. Mortgage loans are no exception. Online lenders, with vast amounts of applications, often lack the capacity to work outside of those guidelines. As a result, homebuyers who don't meet every criterion risk not qualifying for a loan. 

Local banks adhere to different loan approval criteria that allow them to be more flexible. For example, some will keep mortgages on their own records, rather than selling to government-sponsored enterprises like Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. This relaxes their guidelines and can help homebuyers who perhaps don't qualify with larger banks, such as those with lower credit scores or irregular income. 

Online lenders typically base loan eligibility on FICO scores. And while local banks do, too, most of them will look more closely at your assets and other income when determining your ability to make mortgage payments. As mentioned above, local bankers know your situation and where you're coming from—and that helps them help you.

Let’s do this together!

Name recognition and objective for borrows/consumers is to create and establish a personal online social interaction with their lenders for faster and better rates. 

Name recognition and Objective for lenders/bankers is to generate awareness by deploying concentrated local and Nationwide campaigns through social media to maximize business within their zipcode

 Borrow Money Management Team and Board of Directors

President & CEO/Aldo Piscitello 

Aldo Piscitello Founder & CEO

Aldo Piscitello has served as the President, Chief Executive     Officer, and Director since he founded the Company in 2010.     During his role as Chief Executive Officer, he has spearheaded the development of the Company’s products, services, and information delivery systems, including procuring the     Company’s most valuable asset, the name   Prior to his involvement in the Company, Aldo was a very successful entrepreneur, founding and developing numerous successful businesses in varying industries. In 2010,  Mr, Piscitello began the development of, Inc. which he now devotes all of his time and energies. Among his responsibilities was securing and patenting the name, developing the program, services, and platform the company is using, marketing the products and services to the industry, and seeing to the everyday operation of the business. His position on the Board will allow him to lend the company all of his business experience and guide management’s perspective over a full range of issues affecting the company.

Andrew E. Trumbach   

Chief Financial Officer   

Andrew e. Trumback

Dr. Andrew E. Trumbach was the CFO of a holding company from 2008 to 2019 that owned and operated one of the largest perfume distribution business, owned over 45 retail perfume stores, and acquired and managed a large multinational company operating airline, cruise, and a retail duty-free and duty paid concessions located in cruise, airport and border locations worldwide using a proprietary cutting-edge technology developed in-house. Prior to 2008, Dr. Trumbach spent 14 years as the CFO/CIO and Sr VP of a family-owned holding and investment company that included a portfolio that consisted of commercial, industrial and residential real estate holdings, mining operations, outdoor advertising, publishing, polling, water, and sewer utility, mobile home parks, data centers, and cemeteries. Prior to moving to industry, Dr. Trumbach spent three years working in an international accounting firm and five years in a regional firm working in public accounting in both Belize and the United States. 

He was also the President and co-founder of, an internet-based logistics company operating with offices in 27 countries and the President and founder of American Document Management, Inc, DBA SecureDoc, a document management software integrator and reseller. 

In addition to a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and a Master of Business Administration degree, Dr. Trumbach has earned Doctorate degrees in both Information Technology Management and Accounting. He has undertaken numerous consulting projects for major companies in the United States and the Caribbean.  

Dr. Trumbach was a part-time Professor at Nova Southeastern University certified to teach accounting and information systems classes. His areas of research shown below are in real estate, management and accounting information systems, and small business governance. Dr. Trumbach has been published extensively with his most recent works including publishing with a group of researchers in universities across the United States, Latin America, Asia, and Europe about people’s values in various countries and their natural tendencies regarding stress in the workplace. He has been a contributing author in the book written by Cavico, F. & Mujtaba, G.B., Legal Challenges for the Global Manager and Entrepreneur. Kendal Hunt Publishing Company. The United States. Case Study - “Belize: Privatization without Due Diligence: A Case of the Telecommunication Industry”. He has presented various seminars on “Best Practices: Disaster Planning and Recovery.” 

Dr. Trumbach is a highly experienced accounting and information systems professional whose real estate leadership and experience earned him a reputation for excellence in the Florida real estate market. As it pertains to Belize specifically, he was also the Keynote Speaker at the Association of Real Estate Brokers of Belize First Annual General Meeting. He holds a current license as a Florida real estate broker and was a Florida real estate instructor. Dr. Trumbach was a past Director and Board Member of the Florida Realtors Association, a member of the Florida International Real Estate Council and also a member of the International Counsel Greater Fort Lauderdale Board of Realtors, a member of International Operations Committee, Florida Real Estate Association, Tallahassee, Fl, a past member of the Professional Education Committee, Florida Real Estate Association, Tallahassee, Fl, and a member of the Technology Committee, Florida Real Estate Association Tallahassee, Fl. Dr. Trumbach was also a past member of the City of Coral Springs Member of the Financial Advisory Committee, Coral Springs, Florida. 

Houston Reid

Chief Operational Officer 

Houston read

 Houston Reid is President, and Chief Executive Officer of Monark Capital Group, an alternative lending firm, with over 50 million-plus funded across all 50 states and Canada. Since founding the company in 2018, he has focused on leveraging Monark’s unique network to serve its customers and organizations in expanding profits through alternative financing. Through Houston’s leadership, the company has built a strong market share by leveraging technology and sound strategies to serve its customer base. Prior to founding Monark Capital, Houston co-founded Broadlynk Communications, a telecommunications company partnered with Verizon and AT&T to facilitate the rollout of Fiber Optic telephone and Internet Services to corporations across the country. Broadlynk represents a group of independent telecommunications consultants who are dedicated to providing clients with exceptional value-added service in the International Telecommunication Services market. Houston received his bachelor’s degree in public administration from Broward College, which he then moved on to pursue Audio engineering at the SAE Institute of Technology Miami.

Robert Carrington

Mergers & Acquisitions Director

Robert Carrington

Robert is an experienced international banking executive with a  demonstrated history of working in the banking industry globally. Skilled in Negotiation, Budgeting, Business Planning, Banking, Certification in Banking, Corporate Finance, and Securities Law. He has a heart and desire to serve humanity's greatest good. Basel 1,2,3,4 trained and Swift system certified, with a full understanding of global monetary compliance. He has represented several large institutional investors on mergers and acquisitions in several international locations on infrastructure projects. Expert in project finance and bank instrument leverage. Relationships at Hong Kong Monetary Authority, World Bank, AAIB, and Central Banks. 

Svetlana Coliban

 Sales Director 

Svetlana ColibanSvetlana Coliban has a BA in economics & management at Paris 8 University of France (2012), A master’s degree in Communication and Marketing, and a master’s degree in international business developmental at Pole Paris Alternance   Business School of France since 2014. Miss Coliban was immediately recruited by Gallerie Diurne in Paris, to be in charge of international business development, based in Paris, then New York. While in New York she managed and coordinated all international business development, sales, marketing, identification, and research of potential leads and opportunities, appointments with new and existing clients, including trade shows, exhibitions, and dealing with a diverse range of clients in the private and public sector. In 2018 Svetlana obtained Salesforce Certified Administrator certification. The program encompasses the breadth of applications, the features and functions available to an end-user, and the configuration and management options available to an administrator across the Sales, Service, and Collaboration Clouds. Among Svetlana's many abilities is she is a polyglot meaning she can speak in more than 4 languages fluently: English, French, Russian and Romanian Bilingual, which enhances her working capacity by bringing a wise team spirit to connect everyone on the same spectrum. She is deadline-oriented and succeeds in an in-demand sales environment. She is committed to liaison with the host of user groups of, Inc. board of directors. This involves participating in all of the board meetings, planning the conference, and ensuring that everyone works closely together to best serve all of our users. When not working at BM, Svetlana is a Project Manager (since 2019) at Modis, part of Adecco Group, where she manages and delivers CRM and CX transformation projects at clients, in an Agile model. Projects vary from strategic discoveries to CRM implementations (with Salesforce as enabling technology). Miss Coliban drives high performance from people while fostering collaboration across businesses and borders in order to meet the clients’ and Modis’s key objectives. She leads by example and develops high-performing people and teams by challenging, supporting, and continuously coaching them. Last and not least, she acts as an innovative disruptive entrepreneur and contributes to the growth of our business.

She has experience with Project Management, Sales Representative, and International Business Development A results-driven committed and articulate Sales Representative and Project Manager with excellent communication skills and a high level of customer commitment. Multi-skilled with the ability to plan & manage territory whilst and maintaining & developing existing and new customers through ethical sales methods and consistent high customer service. Possessing a good team spirit, deadline orientated and having the ability to succeed in a demanding sales environment.