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A Fintech leading online loan marketplace with one of the largest networks of lenders in the nation. Our service provides consumers a way to connect with multiple lenders for a number of financial borrowing needs. From the comfort of their homes, consumers can fill out one simple form and are able to shop, compare, and save on the loans they need. By creating a My Borrowmoney account, consumers are able to track their credit score – updated monthly with insights into which factors are negatively impacting their score, review all loan and credit card accounts and are even notified when Borrowmoney identifies a savings opportunity based on real-time loan offer data. And the best part? It’s free. also offers a variety of informational resources and tools for borrowers to help manage their finances and have an informed experience.

What sets us apart from our competitors? - the name says it all. We won’t let you down, our proprietary technology and service is built to service you in your local zip code. We are all about the financial you need every day till you no longer need to borrow money, but still be there for all your other financial needs. It's time to get back to basics, borrowing money starts with personal financial information relationships to be there from your Local and Online nationwide lenders, that can make that happen better then impersonal lenders locate thousands of miles away that have no idea where your town is. Let alone what is best for you. Has built a Trusted network of Local and Online nationwide lenders that care about you and the community where you live and have a stake in how well it does. They can take the time to get to know you and your financial needs and won’t treat you like a number. Our goal is to match you with lenders that offer the best financial deal for you in a simple to understand language. We are committed to simplify the process between lenders and consumers. the right name for the right purpose

How does BorrowMoney make money?

BorrowMoney gets paid by our lenders partners and other financial services providers in order to compete for your business. We play the role of matchmaker introducing lenders and people who need loans (or other services). We provide local and nationwide advertising service, local and nationwide real-estate listings service, including lender and realtor licensing verification within our platform.

What can BorrowMoney do for me?

 We can guide you to be better informed, make sound financial decisions and save your  personal and business money. We will match you with local lenders, or online nationwide lenders partners that you can trust will meet your needs and financial goals. if you need any type of loan you can apply on our secure website, fill out a simple fast, safe, and secure form and get an immediate response from our competing local lenders or nationwide lenders partners. We provide you with our nationwide free online real-estate sale and rental listings search on our website, free search and find a verified licensed realtor, sales agents, brokers, lending institutions and mortgage broker, including rating and profile.

Top 3 Reasons to Shop Locally for Your Mortgage

Finding the perfect home is only the first of many steps in your journey to being a homeowner. After deciding you've found the right one, you still have to find the right home loan to pay for it.

Shopping for a mortgage exposes you to everything from online to local lenders, each with its own perks and features. However, local banks offer benefits that online lenders can't—without sacrificing your time or convenience. 

1. Familiarity

As part of your community, local banks know where you're coming from. You're more than a customer. You're a fellow sports fan, grocery-store-goer, and neighbor. 

Getting your mortgage locally results in a customized process that truly fits your unique needs. You work face-to-face with bankers who take your home search personally: asking questions to find the mortgage that fits, and then going the extra mile to make it happen.

With online lenders, it's easy for your application to get lost amongst all the others. Online sites surfaced in response to homebuyers' search for convenience, but at the cost of personalization. Getting a mortgage online therefore makes you part of a standardized procedure, rather than a customized process.

2. Faster Process

When you've finally found the perfect home, there's no time to lose in purchasing. The local decision-making that occurs in most community banks keeps loan approval processes moving more quickly.

Smaller banks cultivate a deeper understanding of their community and regional economy, learning the financial landscape and how best to navigate it—in any situation. And, since they already know you, they can make personalized recommendations in less time than online lenders.

Local bankers can also keep you informed as your loan moves through the approval process. With less applications to sort through than online lenders, your banker can personally track your loan’s progress, let you know of any holdups, and partner with you—in person or over the phone—to be as efficient as possible.

3. Flexibility

All financial procedures come with guidelines and criteria, and mortgage loans are no exception. Online lenders, with vast amounts of applications, often lack the capacity to work outside those guidelines. As a result, homebuyers who don't meet every criteria risk not qualifying for a loan. 

Local banks adhere to different loan approval criteria that allow them to be more flexible. For example, some will keep mortgages on their own records, rather than selling to government-sponsored enterprises Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. This relaxes their guidelines and can help homebuyers who perhaps don't qualify with larger banks, such as those with lower credit scores or irregular income. 

Online lenders typically base loan eligibility on FICO scores. And while local banks do, too, most of them will look more closely at your assets and other income when determining your ability to make mortgage payments. As mentioned above, local bankers know your situation and know where you're coming from—and that helps them help you.

Let’s do this together.

Name recognition and objective for borrows/consumers  is to create and establish a personal online social interaction with their lenders for faster and BETTER RATES

Name recognition and Objective for lenders/bankers is to generate awareness by deploying concentrated local And Nationwide campaigns social media to maximize  business within their zip code

Mr. Aldo Piscitello 

CEO And Presidnt

Founder and CEO Aldo Piscitello

Aldo Piscitello - Director, Chief Executive Officer and President. Mr. Piscitello has served as a Director, Chief Executive Officer  and President since he founded the Company in 2010. His position on the Board will allow him to lend the company all of his business experience and guide management’s perspective over a full range of issues affecting the company.

                          Our story

Aldo developed a reputation of trust and integrity as a successful entrepreneur, he founded and developed numerous successful businesses in various industries, including the internet industry.

Over the years, Aldo watched as local banks lost its personal banking interactions. It became obvious to him that large financial firms were headed a grim direction. Aldo’s prediction lead to the online fintech concept and development of In 2010, Aldo began utilizing the company’s most valuable asset – its name. Fortunately, was already in his possession since 1987.

Swiftly seizing this business opportunity, Aldo hired a team of skilled IT personnel to create and cultivate a database comprising of every mortgage broker, lender, bank, and lending institutions, including real estate brokers and salespeople in the United States. This was used to implement the Local And Online Lending business model. Since he founded the company in 2010, Aldo has served as Chief Executive Officer, President and Director. All his time and energy has been dedicated to developing and advancing His responsibilities includes securing and patenting the company name, developing the programs and platforms, marketing the products and services, as well as overseeing the everyday operations of the business.

Furthermore, Aldo’s position on the Board has benefited the company greatly by allowing him to apply his own business experiences, and guiding managerial perspectives for a full scope of matters, such as the necessary preparations needed to bring the company public.

Borrow Money Management team and board of directors 

Miss. Angela Piscitello

Corporation Segretary


Angela is currently recruiting Assistant Corporate Secretary to our Office of the BorrowMoney Board. Angela role is responsible for assisting in maintaining the legal and organizational structure of the comany and its subsidiaries and implementing global consistency throughout the board of directors and audit committees of the Borrowmoney and affiliates. also attend BM affiliate board of directors and board committee meetings and/or operational committee meetings and will be responsible for the preparation and maintenance of the minutes of those meetings. In addition, angela  will research and prepare filings to maintain the Company  and organizational structure, together with filings upon a change to directorships, a change to the partnership or other organizational changes.


Mr. Robert Carrington 

Interim Financial Officer      

Robert Carrington Responsible for the management, growth and service delivery of the Retail network.Created and executed strategic plans that will enable revenue growth, customer retention, and sales & service delivery enhancements.Streamline operations while adhering to internal policies and procedures.Demonstrate strong business acumen, strategic insight, and comprehensive knowledge of Retail organization.Managed 10 Billion in deposits and consistently exceeded measures by 20% for Jp Morgan Chase, HSBC and Bank of New YorkExpert on financial institution's international banking policies, objectives, and initiatives.  Remained current with international variances in cultural and legal issues as they pertain to banking.Fiserv, Salesforce and excel bluescreen SME with extensive knowledge on ratiosextensive experience on M&A, contract negotiations and change managementAbilities range from Retail Banking, Compliance, IT, Cash management, Trust -Wealth management, Investment, accounting, commercial lending. I am well versed in risk mitigation focused on P&L or A&L

Promoted the continuous development of credit skills, product and industry knowledge, as well as general professional and management skills, through coaching and counseling a world class team. Effectively mitigated the credit risk of all lines of business (corporate, commercial and consumer) portfolios through prudent management of the adjudication processes for the underwriters Managed and maintained department credit granting policies and procedures in alignment with corporate sales strategy and bank credit oversight protocol.  Developed and recommended remedial strategies for the effective management of Watch List or impaired accounts by implementing strict compliance procedure.  Identified and analyzed areas of potential risk to the assets, earning capacity, or success of organizations by reviewing clients audited statements.  Implemented incentive programs to drive productivity and employee satisfaction. I led a team of 78 employees to profitability within seven months and achieved several corporate awards for best of the best or circle of excellence leadership in 2017 Ans 2018 

Mr. Frank Micali 

Financial Analist Director

Frank Micali

 As a graduate from St John’s University, Frank went directly in world of Finance. In 2000, Frank starts as a mortgage loan officer for a local bank. Within a few years he was negotiating residential, commercial and mixed use mortgages as well as alternative financing. Frank spent the next few years working with buyers, sellers, appraisers, real estate attorneys, insurance brokers, home inspectors and anyone else needed in order to close the transaction. Frank recently been nominated 1st home mortgage lending officer for the New York area by Citibank which he has been on employee since 2012 to present.


 Ms. Lana Coliban

 International Relation Director

Lana Coliban

 As a Sales Representative and International Business Development A results driven, Lana is committed and articulate Sales Representative and Project Manager with excellent communication skills and a high level of customer commitment. Ability to plan & manage territory whilst and maintaining & developing existing and new customers through ethical sales methods and consistent high customer service. Possessing a good team spirit, deadline orientated and having the ability to succeed in a demanding sales environment


Business School, France - Master Degree in International Business Development 

Business School, France - Master Degree in Communication and Marketing

University Paris, FranceBA in Economics & Management

2014 Graduated from a Paris Major Business School in France. Student award with a display on the School's wall of FAME.


Closing sales, Account management, Lead generation, Identifying sales opportunities

Extensive product knowledge, Client conversion success, Project Management Research and Strategy


Building relationships, Highly motivated, Social skills, Good communication and interpersonal skills, Collaboration skills, Negotiation and Persuasion skills

Project Management Skills, Business Intelligence

Proven experience in launching new products
Professional style of communication & ability to build rapport with prospective customers 


MS Office suite, web 2.0, Microsoft, IOS environments, html analyst 


French - bilingual, Russian – bilingual, English – bilingual professional, Romanian – bilingual.


Mr. Zack Fonseca 
Operation Director

Zack Fonseca

 A pioneer in renewable energy commercial development and finance, Zack understands being on the cutting edge of innovation. Commanding market share in any emerging industry takes forward thinking tenacity to establish benchmarks creating the greatest reward for client and investors. As a system designer and developer for utility and commercial scale solar installations he learned to establish new paths for success. His background encompasses senior project management for a real-estate development firm for over fifteen years. He transitioned from the commercial real-estate and business brokering lending space into  focusing exclusively on the commercial solar lending space funding over 100 million projects as an underwriter, COO and construction budget manager. As a self taught web designer he created the custom submission and approval systems for renewable energy financing estimates also having coded and structured the lending program campaign currently servicing 50 plus world class EPC contractors.

Zack’s skill-sets include:

  • Managing teams up to 45
  • Authoring New Employee Development & Training Programs
  • Web Design
  • Business plan strategy development
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Demographic analysis
  • B2B and direct sales
  • Project Construction Estimating
  • Office management; logistics, scheduling, financial accountability, taxation & payroll
  • Outstanding customer service

Nancy Alario

Marketing Director

 Over the recent years Nancy has been focusing on utility scale energy financing and commodities. She has been practicing in the investment banking sector for structuring equity and debt for various markets including real-estate and commercial lines of credit. Create marketing and growth plans for business professionals in the New York, New Jersey, and Florida. Monitor human resource and company culture creation to ensure the success and overall financial of the Identify opportunities and introductions through deep 30 year relationships for practices and business referrals increasing each other's bottom line.

  • Help with loan origination
  • Establish policies that promote company culture and vision
  • Evaluate performance by analyzing and interpreting data and metrics
  • Lead employees to encourage maximum performance and dedication
  • Manage relationships with partners/vendors
  • Oversee daily operations of the company and the work of executives (IT, Marketing, Sales, Finance etc.)
  • Participate in expansion activities (investments, acquisitions, corporate alliances, etc.)
  • Set comprehensive goals for performance and growth
  • Write and submit reports to the CEO in all matters of importance.