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What is BorrowMoney? is a leading online fintech loan marketplace with one of the largest networks of lenders in the nation. Our service provides consumers with a way to connect with multiple lenders for a number of financial borrowing needs. From the comfort of their homes, consumers can fill out one simple form and are able to shop, compare, and save on the loans they need. By creating a My Borrowmoney account, consumers are able to track their credit score – updated monthly with insights into which factors are negatively impacting their score, review all loan and credit card accounts, and are even notified when Borrowmoney identifies a savings opportunity based on real-time loan offer data. And the best part? It’s free. also offers a variety of informational resources and tools for borrowers to help manage their finances and have an informed experience.

What sets us apart from our competitors?


  • We offer the consumer FREE! and secure online ease loan process inquiry applications.

  • Our ease loans inquiry forms includes: mortgage, refinance, equity loan, personal loans, business loan, car loans, student loan, debt consolidation, credit card consolidation, credit repair, and student loans.

  • Our website is state-of-the art consumer friendly and easy to navigate.

  • We offer the consumer FREE! variety of financial information resources.

  • We offer our consumer FREE! access resources to stay informed and maintain a FREE! BorrowMoney account for all your financial needs.

We believe that there's a better way to lend money and provide the financial services you need every day. It's time to get back to basics and that starts with personal financial relationships. Local companies can make that happen sometimes much more efficiently than the larger banks. Most consumers have to deal with impersonal lenders or providers located thousands of miles away that have no idea where your town is even located, let alone what is best for you. Local companies care about the community and have a stake in how well it does. They can take the time to get to know you and your financial needs and won’t treat you like a number. Our goal is to match you with providers that care and offer the best financial deal for you in simple-to-understand language. We are committed to simplifying the process and building relationships between community lenders and consumers.

How does BorrowMoney make money?

BorrowMoney generates revenue by selling subscriptions lead packages, pay as you go lead sale, Advertising banners ad placement, Realtor's sale & rental listings service, on its website.

What can BorrowMoney do for me?

We want to help you be better informed, make sound financial decisions, and save money. We don’t want you to be inundated with offers. More isn’t always better. We will match you with local lenders or providers that you can trust will meet your needs and financial goals. If you need any type of loan, you can apply on our secure website and fill out a simple, quick form and get an immediate response from competing local companies. If it’s financial help you need, fill out our brief form and we will put you together with our local partners who can help you with your budget, financial well being and credit restoration.

Our story

Aldo Piscitello, born in 1952, immigrated to the United States from Naples, Italy in 1969. Upon his arrival to his first residence in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, he noticed a milkman stepping over a bike, a skateboard, and an array of toys left on the front porch. Aldo watched as the milkman opened a small silver box, took out a ten-dollar bill, and placed 2 milk bottles and the change back into the box. A sense of trust came over him as he realized how great it felt to be in a safe and trusting community. Being in America was truly a blessing and a dream come true. Aldo, believing and trusting this new land, wanted to pursue the American Dream. At the age of 18, he built up the courage to apply for a loan to finance his first American venture-a paper route. He borrowed his first $500 on a handshake and a signature. The loan officer told him, “Be responsible, and I will be there if you need more money to build your business.” “You have my word,” Aldo replied. Aldo then developed a professional relationship with the local bank, securing many loans. Through his hard work, Aldo developed a reputation of trust and integrity. As a successful entrepreneur, he founded and developed numerous successful businesses in various industries, including the internet industry. 

Over the years, Aldo watched as local banks lost their personal banking interactions. It became obvious to him that large financial firms were headed in a grim direction. Aldo’s prediction lead to the concept and development of  In 2010, Aldo began utilizing the company’s most valuable asset – its name. Fortunately, was already in his possession since 1987. 

Swiftly seizing this business opportunity, Aldo hired a team of skilled IT personnel to create and cultivate a database comprising of every mortgage broker, lender, bank, and lending institution- including real estate brokers and salespeople – in the United States. This was used to implement the Local Lending Local Rewards business model, Since he founded the company in 2010, Aldo has served as Chief Executive Officer, President, and Director. All his time and energy have been dedicated to developing and advancing His responsibilities include securing and patenting the company name, developing the programs and platforms, marketing the products and services, as well as overseeing the everyday operations of the business. 

Furthermore, Aldo’s position on the Board has benefited the company greatly by allowing him to apply his own business experiences and guiding managerial perspectives for a full scope of matters, such as the necessary preparations needed to bring the company public

Name recognition and objective for borrows/consumers  is to create and establish a personal online social interaction with their local lenders for faster and BETTER RATES 

Name recognition and Objective for lenders/bankers is to generate awareness by deploying concentrated local campaigns and social media to maximize local business within their zip code

Borrow Money Management team and board of directors

CEO/ Mr. Aldo Piscitello


Aldo Piscitello - Director, Chief Executive Officer, and President.  Mr. Piscitello has served as a Director, Chief Executive Officer, and President since he founded the Company in 2010.  In his capacity as Chief Executive Officer, he has spearheaded the development of the Company’s products and information delivery systems, including procuring the Company’s most valuable asset, the name Prior to his involvement in the Company, Mr. Piscitello was a very successful entrepreneur,   founding and developing numerous successful businesses in varying industries. In 2010, Mr. Piscitello began the development of, Inc. which he now devotes all of his time and energies.  Among his responsibilities were securing and patenting the name,  developing the program and platform the company is using, marketing the products and services to the industry, and seeing to the everyday operation of the business.  His position on the Board will allow him to lend the company all of his business experience and guide management’s perspective on a full range of issues affecting the company.    


Ms. Svetlana Coliban

International Relation

Lana Coliban

 Project Management/ Sales Representative International Business Development

 A results-driven committed, and articulate Sales Representative and Project Manager with excellent communication skills and a high level of customer commitment. Multi-skilled with the ability to plan & manage territory whilst and maintaining & developing existing and new customers through ethical sales methods and consistently high customer service. Possess a good team spirit, are deadline orientated, and have the ability to succeed in a demanding sales environment.

Multilingual (4 languages)


Galerie DiurneParis, New York Project Manager & Sales Representative Business and market development, sales, marketing, and commercial follow-up Identification and research of potential leads and opportunities. 

Appointments to meet new and existing clients in Europe, Russia & North America. Trade shows and exhibitions Dealing with a diverse range of clients in the private and the public sector

Du Pareil au meme SAS – Export Project Manager Business and market development, sales, marketing, and commercial follow-up Identification and research of potential leads and opportunities

NOVOZYMES BIOLOGICALS, Paris – Sale Assistant Prospection. Clients' portfolio development. Sale Support Cabaret (Communication Agency), Paris – Business Development manager Prospection on the French market, Marketing insight to open a subsidiary in Moscow


Business School, France - Master's Degree in International Business Development 

Business School, France - Master's Degree in Communication and Marketing

University Paris 8, FranceBA in Economics & Management

2014 Graduated from Pole Paris Alternance  Major Business School in France. Best student award with a display on the School's wall of FAME.


Closing sales, Account management, Lead generation, Identifying sales opportunities Extensive product knowledge Client conversion,Project Management 


Building relationships, Highly motivated, Social skills,Good communication skills

Proven experience in launching new products
Have a professional style of communication & ability to build rapport with prospective customers 


MS Office suite, web 2.0, Microsoft, IOS environments, HTML analyst 


French - bilingual Russian – bilingual English – bilingual professional Romanian – bilingual


Anne Marie Chipolone

Anne Marie Chipolone

Anne Marie Chipolone is a veteran of creating and managing digital content to build relationships for organizations and individuals. she is the Chief Content Director of Marketing

Provide excellent customer service and quick problem-solving skills in support of advertising, ad design, and ad placement.

Manage administrative tasks such as managing files, completing documents.

Administer emails, presentation, appointments, and travel.